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Move This Way book cover

Move This Way

The thing no one tells you about moving to a new city is that it’s not just physical, it’s also a mental and emotional transition. Yeah you’re moving outwardly—packing, unpacking, finding a new apartment, setting up internet, etc. But you’re also moving inwardly—new thoughts, new feelings, the mixed bag of emotions. Move This Way gives you clarity and language about what you’re experiencing, and practical things to keep moving forward into your new life.

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Stock options in real life book cover

Stock options in real life

Reading Investopedia and Carta articles about stock options only takes you so far. Yes, you'll learn the textbook definitions of vesting schedules, strike prices, NSOs, ISOs, RSUs, and the rest of the confusing terminology through their content marketing articles. But what's missing is what the excitement of going public feels like, and the pain of watching your stock price tank. What’s missing is the nuances of thinking through how to come up with 100k—when you don't have a 100k—just to purchase your stock options with no guarantee of making the money back. Our textbook definitions need real life stories.

Coming early 2023

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